Use Cases

Our top payment platform meets the complex needs of different businesses.

A group payment can be initiated via web, phone, or email.

The following demos show you how various businesses use Pay By Group today.


Pay By Group is a checkout option for e-commerce companies that sell products people want to purchase together, for themselves, or as gifts for others. This demo follows a company selling medical equipment that people purchase together for loved ones in need.

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Motivo increased sales of their walkers for seniors and injured individuals by enabling friends and family to pitch in for the purchase.


Pay By Group serves as an invoice equivalent for businesses, such as travel agencies, that collect payments from a group starting with a quote discussion by phone or email. If installment payments are offered, then those can be automated via Pay By Group as well.

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Lucid Travel

Lucid Travel creates custom trips for student groups and uses Pay By Group to save many man hours previously spent gathering payments for each booking.

Online booking

Businesses such as vacation rental companies and tour operators allow deposit payments to secure bookings in advance of a stay or trip. With Pay By Group, one customer can pay the deposit to reserve inventory, rally the rest of the group to split the cost, and receive an automated refund if the deposit ends up more than their fair share.

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Cabo Villas

Cabo Villas expanded the market for their luxury rental villas by making them more accessible using Pay By Group.

Bulk Orders

Custom apparel and similar companies have orders that involve many buyers because they have minimum order requirements and incentivize large orders with price breaks. They need specific information from each buyer, which used to require paper forms and led to many mistakes. Pay By Group allows these businesses to capture this custom data and build in price breaks at certain quantities so no one is ever charged more than they should be.

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The Neon South

Neon South gets higher volume t-shirt orders by allowing everyone in an order to pay individually and giving buyers an easy way to recruit others to participate.

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