Grow revenue

Receive a cut of the revenue every time a group payment occurs through your platform.

New customers

Capture clients and new markets for whom group payments is critical.

Higher volume

Higher conversion rates and average order values make you and your customers more successful.

Better monetization

With more transactions, dollars, and users flowing through your platform, you increase monetization of your core products.

Unique data

Supercharge your marketing, fraud, and insight solutions with data on every buyer involved in a purchase.

New markets

Capture new market segments by offering a killer checkout feature that wins over merchants and their customers.


Simple integration

Use our off-the-shelf JS SDK and / or API to add group payments with no action required by your existing clients, no migration, and no downtime.


Choose how features - deadlines, installments, custom fields, ++ - are implemented for your clients in a way that best fits their and your platform’s needs.

Types of partners

Payment Gateways

Any gateway with a hosted payment experience can embed group payments as a turn-key solution and choose to add support via an API as well.

SaaS Platforms

These platforms power an online purchase or booking experience for general e-commerce sites or industry-specific solutions.

Invoice / Billing Solutions

Online tools to send and track invoices can offer group payments as a payment method to increase payment rates and expand their set of potential customers.

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