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The Role

You will manage and respond to all inbound support tickets from both end users and partner businesses. Support tickets come in via email, phone call, or web form via our Zendesk help center. Common support issues range from anything as simple as login problems (forgotten username, etc) to more complex payment problems like collecting evidence to combat a chargeback. You’ll also need to manage and update our online support center / knowledge base to help users help themselves. Initially, support tickets will not take up 100% of your time at PayByGroup. Some days it won’t even take 50% of your time. QA and working with engineers to hunt and fix bugs is a key part of this role when you’re not working on support.

Opportunity for Advancement

A successful hire will move into a full time operations management, product, or QA role as they grow with the company.


• Solve, manage, and prioritize and customer problems • Answer phone calls • Make outbound follow up calls when necessary • Think on your feet and solve issues in real-time • Identify and escalate high-priority issues • Write articles for the FAQ database • Track customer feedback and pass on common problems to the product team • Build and maintain strong working relationships with new and existing clients • Test the product / hunt for bugs (QA)


• Customer support experience • Self-driven (requires little oversight and management to get the job done and then some) • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills • Strong interpersonal skills (#MustLovePeople) • High emotional IQ • Patience! • Must communicate customer issues effectively with several different teams – specifically Sales, Product, and Engineering • Must be able to think strategically and identify the root cause of a customer issue, even when they can only tell you about certain components of the problem • Must be in our SoMa office by 8am to handle support tickets originating on the East Coast

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