Additional Features

We do the hard work of group payments for you.

Managed card failures

Expired cards, canceled cards, incorrectly entered information, etc. Card failures are one of the biggest pain points in online payments. Now multiply those problems by 4x or more for every transaction and you begin to see how card failures can stop a group purchase in its tracks. Not with Pay By Group. Our system resolves all card failures automatically so you don’t have to.

Accept any currency

Whether your transactions are in Euros, U.S. dollars, Danish Krones, or any currency worldwide, Pay By Group has you covered so you can accept money no matter where your business is based. You can specify the currency for each purchase based on the customer’s preference, too.

Use your own gateway

Do you already process your online payments with a trusted gateway? You can keep using the same gateway -- and the same rates you’ve negotiated with them -- to accept payments via Pay By Group. Our platform is gateway agnostic so you can keep using the best gateway to process and receive all group payments

Variable pricing

Pay By Group handles complex pricing scenarios. Do your prices go down the more people join a group purchase, such as for custom apparel orders? Or maybe your prices rise with additional people, such as a vacation rental where the total cost might increase. You can configure prices that vary along with the size of the group in any way you like.

Change pricing

Pay By Group allows you to change the pricing for a group at any point. This feature enables you to add products or services to an existing order without having to cancel a group purchase and start from scratch. Pay By Group adjusts group members’ shares, re-allocating amounts in the optimal way, and prompting group members to accept a higher price as needed.

Plus, these great features

A robust business portal to manage groups

Full API access to automatically create and manage groups

Webhooks to keep your system updated on every purchase

Customizable inventory and order ID fields to easily sync your existing systems

Easy reconciliation reports

Javascript SDK for fast front-end integration on your website

Collect custom data (such as shirt size, meal preferences, shipping address, etc.)

Full or partial refunds

Customizable terms and conditions.

Machine learning algorithms minimize transaction failures and re-approvals

Automated process to get price change approvals

Automated group reminders, updates, etc.

Individualized receipts for each group member

PCI Compliant

EU-US Privacy shield certified

Customizable invitations

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