Customer Testimonials

We ask all our users and organizers for feedback and suggestions. This is what they've said:

I coudn't believe my friends and I found such an awesome service on this random vacation rental website. I wish it was on every site. If only we'd had this for the past 10 years we would've avoided countless headaches! Man, there's so much we're gonna use this for. We've been trying to buy a house as a group for years. With Pay By Group we can finally pull it off.

Shane keppler

We were very happy with Pay By Group! We had no problems and it worked out perfectly for our situation, since the members of my group are located in many different states.

Jennifer Boyer

From my end as a purchaser, it was flawless. There were no glitches in purchasing my share of the house stay. I think it is a great concept, saves one person paying, then having to get money from friends.

Byron Arthur

I loved the service. I thought it was a great idea. A lot of people that donated, such as myself, did so because they heard about it through Twitter or blogging so any changes I would recommend would be along those lines. Keep the site easy to share with others via social networking.

Tamara Greet

Prior to this experience, I had never heard of nor used your service. But, your service was so easy to use and I was grateful to have the opportunity to help.

Alice Skillian

Site and concept are great! Very easy and simple site. Good luck

Terry Madden

"I loved Pay By Group. As a young professional with not a lot of expendable income, it was relieving to only have to pay my piece of the pie instead of the whole thing. Getting money from friends becomes an excel sheet and inevitably the paranoia of feeling annoying to the two friends who still owe you a couple hundred dollars you can't really spare. I got a kick out of the quirky, personal messages. From your inclusion of cheers in all the salutations to goofy messages of me being popular and jazz, it definitely made the service seem friendly. Even more, I was floored by how helpful you were, at all hours of the day.

As for suggestions, which I'm sure is the value of my response, I have thought for a few minutes and can't come up with anything. Sorry for not being helpful in this regard, and if there are any specific questions you have for me, I would be happy to answer them.

I never like things on Facebook…just not my style, but I'll go ahead and like Pay By Group. It really was a big help, and you specifically were awesome to work with."

Ryan Quillard

I thought it was easy to use, clean and simple. So I guess keep doing what you're doing. Thanks!

Laura Gallagher

I found your service to be very smooth and effective! And a much needed solution. Looking forward to seeing you guys grow.

Renna Al-Yassini

Overall it was a great experience, anything lacking was probably more related to lack of descriptiveness on the part of the event planners.

Allison Mimi

We've actually used Pay By Group for a couple of events now, and honestly it's a great service. especially with my group of friends (well-meaning, with every intention of going, but completely incapable of commitment), it's a huge boon towards paying for things together. I imagine we'll be using PBG quite a bit – I wish I had more constructive criticism, but I'd be stretching for it.

Brian Gerson

I was actually really excited to find out about this startup company and the service. At the time, I believe I was trying to setup a payment group among some friends to split a cabin cost to the local mountains.

Steve Kim

I think Pay By Group is a fantastic idea, and it worked very well! I can't think of anything that could be improved. Anyway, great idea! I hope to start seeing it on other sites as well!

Rachel Horning

I loved the Pay By Group idea and process. I have a large group of friends and when we plan things, it's always a lot to ask someone to put it all on one card and then collect money. So when I saw Pay By Group, it was a blessing and a huge stress reliever. I thought it was simple, efficient and innovative. I also liked that you could name the event and put a picture of it and that you could change the deadline date. It was flexible, which I appreciated. I don't really have suggestions because it worked great for our group! :) Thanks and best of luck with this!

Kaylee Conley

I think you guys had an amazing idea and turned it into a great product.

Greg Davis

From my perspective, the Pay By Group service was very helpful for our group to coordinate this event so thank you.

Christina Anderson

The whole thing worked seamlessly. All my friends commented that "this is a really good way of organizing". It was a success and I will def use again.

Andy Dayton

This is a pretty neat product and went very smoothly. Thank you!

Tiffany Knox

I found the whole process incredibly easy and painless.

Liz Taylor (not the movie star)

I don't really remember much of the interface or how I registered for the event, even though this is the second time I've used the service. I suppose that means your work on the interface is great because using it was so quick and painless!"

Michael Keba

I love the simplicity and the Pay By Group concept. The website is straight forward and pretty awesome. This is something that is desperately needed in today's social media connected but disjointed world. I love love love everything about this.

I work for IBM's interactive agency specializing in digital strategy and interactive solutions and I want to say you guys are doing a great job so far and are on the right track :-)

Steven Lee

I'd like to start by saying what a great idea Pay By Group is. Being in my early 30s, I can tell you I spent my 20s doing trips with friends and it was always a big hassle as to who was going to put the money up front."

Kristy Tarr

I love Pay By Group and I've been recommending it to several of my friends

Jamie Philliposian

I liked how simple it was to sign up to the group event and the breakdown of the money goal and how many people needed to reach a base price per person.

Chris Scharff

The transaction went very smoothly. No complaints at all.

Arthur Sabintsev

I really enjoyed using pay by group. This was the first time I have ever used it. It was so simple and took out the whole awkward ""whose going to put this on their credit card!" Or the awful " who wants to be on charge of the money" conversation! We will be using this service again!

Lauren Heath

Great system. Very easy to use. Only critique would be to change the name on the credit card statements. I had no idea what Balance in SanFrancisco was!

Ricky Gilbert

I think I speak for our group when I say we loved it! It was super easy and didn't force one person to pay for the whole thing. I'm not the one who set it up so maybe this is already a feature and I just didn't see it since I wasn't the creator but it would have been cool to know if anyone else was competing to get the house. I though my friend that set it up said that we didn't for sure get the house until all of us paid so I wasn't sure if other groups could have beat us to it…if so it would have been nice to know we had competition and may have inspired group members to pay faster…(procrastination still exists after college?!) Haha.

But overall it was a great experience!

Laura Holzmer

Loved the idea – it's a whole lot easier to get 10 people to pay separately than one person pay for 10 and then get reimbursed.

Ryan O'Connor

Very useful service. In the past one of us has had to front all the money for three or four months and then try to collect a combination of checks, cash and PayPal on the actual weekend. This is so much better and would definitely use again.

Al Musgrove

I think the service is great and was so easy to use that I really don't remember anything about it. We've used it twice now at our company and both times it was easy to use. I was a "buyer", I did not setup the group buy. I think in your line of business "I don't remember anything about it" is probably the highest praise you can hope for. No hassles, no hangups, no problems.

Steve McGrane

The transaction for this Pay By Group activity was straightforward, quick, understandable, and apparently went very well. I am glad to know this sort of enterprise exists so people can pitch in to help financially, whether it's a lot of money or a smaller amount.

Nan Hackman

I think you have a great idea allowing people to split the cost this easily amongst a group for large purchases. I think the process went smoothly for our group and your customer service was on point.

Katelyn Dapper

I liked the convenience of paying using my credit card and not having to send a check or trying to transfer the money from my bank account. It is also nice knowing that everyone who committed has paid their share and we don't have to worry about collecting when everyone shows up. Can't think of ways to improve but maybe next time! Thanks!

Mary Connelly

Good for you for reaching out to customers. I had a really good experience. I was a bit rushed at the moment so I didn't pay too much attention to the process but I didn't have any problems/frustration which is good.

Blake Hall