Vacation Rentals

Leading vacation rental companies like HomeAway / VRBO use Pay By Group to provide the best booking experience for friends and family traveling together.

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Guests need Pay By Group and so do you

Solve your guests’ payment problem and drive top-line growth


of bookings are friend and multi-family groups


of travelers want to split the cost of their vacation rental


of initiated Pay By Groups convert to fully paid bookings

Your business rules

Treat bookings made using Pay By Group like you do today’s single-payer reservations but capture all the benefits Pay By Group delivers. Pay By Group seamlessly handles booking deposits, security deposits, age restrictions, and other vacation rental-specific needs. There is no need to take inventory off the market until a deposit or full payment is made in line with your current business rules.

Reviews and loyalty

Whether you want to improve the on-site experience, capture more reviews, increase repeat bookings, or reward your most valuable guests, you have to know who they are. Pay By Group provides unique data on who gets others to book and access to everyone’s contact information with an 82% marketing opt-in rate.

Protect your assets

We understand how important and valuable every home is to your owners and suppliers. Pay By Group captures personal data, acceptance of rental terms, and a payment method for every person involved in the booking. That makes it easier to identify potentially problematic guests, increases the personal responsibility assumed by each guest, and provides better recourse if any issues arise.

Predictable revenue

When multiple guests commit to a booking, their interdependency means they are more firmly committed. This leads to a drop in cancellations that cause last-minute lost revenue.

Industry integrations & expertise

Having worked with vacation rental property managers, homeowners, software providers, and listing websites for over 4 years, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges in the vacation rental industry.

Full automation

Pay By Group automatically follows up with all group members via email and text message to prompt them to pay quickly. Our algorithms send the right message at the right time - doing a better job than trip organizers at making these bookings convert into revenue.

What our vacation rental clients say about Pay By Group

Adding Pay By Group has been great for our older users to avoid uncomfortable exchanges reminding friends and family to pay their share. Younger users now book trips that would not otherwise be possible due to their lower credit card limits. An excellent technical team and a game-changing product.

Jordan Curnes
CEO Rent Like a Champion

This is a no-brainer for us, adding something our users love that is accretive to revenue without any major investment.

Jon Gray
CRO - HomeAway

We get more bookings and alleviate a great deal of work for our agents by giving people traveling together the power and tools to get organized and make payments.

Julie Byrd
VP Sales -

I couldn’t have been more impressed at how quickly Pay By Group created a robust, seamless experience for our customers.

Forrest Berkey
Sr. Product Manager - VRBO