Split Payments

Let your customers pay using multiple payment methods simultaneously: credit cards, gift cards or bank accounts.

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Great for your customers, great for your business

Solve your customers’ payment problem and drive top-line growth

Increase conversions

Split Payments increase conversions by giving customers the ultimate flexibility in how to pay. They can pay for a single purchase using multiple credit and debit cards, combining a credit card with a bank transfer, using their PayPal balance for part of the purchase, or any combination thereof. This pulls online shoppers into your funnel before they bounce and converts them into revenue.

Increase Average Order Value

By letting customers access the full spending power available to them through the combination of multiple payment methods, you let them spend more with each purchase.

Cultivate loyalty

When you let customers pay with multiple payment methods you are also able to store more preferred payment options under a customer’s account. This makes future purchases easier for customers, thereby increasing loyalty.

Conforms to your business rules

Our Split Payments solution is built to match your business rules whether your e-commerce platform is built in-house or is an off-the-shelf product. It automatically handles any scenario including: price changes, inventory changes, hold periods, card failures, refunds, order cancellations, and many more.

What businesses say about Pay By Group

"Pay By Group makes it significantly easier for our tour guests to sign up and pay for our experiences."

Mads Thorsdal
Chief Product Officer, Custom Tours

"This is a no-brainer for us, adding something our users love that is accretive to revenue without any major investment."

Jon Gray
CRO - HomeAway

"We get more bookings and alleviate a great deal of work for our agents by giving people traveling together the power and tools to get organized and make payments."

Julie Byrd
VP Sales - CaboVillas.com

"I couldn’t have been more impressed at how quickly Pay By Group created a robust, seamless experience for our customers."

Forrest Berkey
Sr. Product Manager - VRBO