Increase your conversion rate for high-dollar, high-margin gift items by making it easy for friends and family to split the cost.

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Your shoppers encounter friction when trying to split the cost of a gift.

Solve the problem for them and increase conversions


of shoppers would use an online split-the-cost option


of frequent online shoppers, those that buy online at least once a month, would choose a split-the-cost checkout option


of shoppers would spend at least 10% more if they could split the cost at checkout

Increase conversions

Removing friction in the online sales process is the most critical factor if you want to increase conversions. There are shoppers landing on your website right now who would like to split the cost of a gift -- but can’t. They bounce from your site and try to manage the group payment process offline, or they buy a low-priced item, if they buy anything at all. Pay By Group pulls these shoppers into your funnel before they bounce and converts them into revenue 83% of the time.

Increase Average Order Value

Because a group of 3 to 5 shoppers has more cumulative spending power than one person on their own, Pay By Group purchases drive AOV up an average of 16%. Help your shoppers spend a little more without breaking the bank.

Grow your loyal customer base

A good shopping experience is critical to building long-term brand loyalty. Pay By Group not only creates a better gift shopping experience, but each Pay By Group delivers an average of 2.98 new customers (and their emails) to your CRM. Wouldn’t you want to 3x your customer acquisition per order?

Conforms to your business rules

Whether your e-commerce platform is built in-house or is an off-the-shelf product, Pay By Group is built to match your business rules. Pay By Group automatically handles any scenario including: price changes, inventory changes, hold periods, card failures, group size limits, refunds, order cancellations, and many more.

Retail shoppers love Pay By Group

My brother set this up as a way for the siblings to chip in for a Mother's Day gift. It worked well!

Evan Taylor

It was an easy way for everyone to contribute to a birthday gift. Such a great tool.

Kim Wiedemer

I love Pay By Group! So convenient when family or friends live in different states and want to pitch in on a gift! I will continue to use this for Christmas, birthdays, and showers in the future!

Vickie Rhorer