Increase the number of high-dollar items registrants add to their registry and improve conversions by making it easy for their friends to split the cost of those items.

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Your shoppers encounter friction when trying to split registry gifts.

Remove this sales obstacle and drive registry revenue


of shoppers would split the cost of a registry item if they could


would spend at least 10% more if they could split the cost


of millennial shoppers who recently bought from on an online registry would have bought something more meaningful if they could have split the cost.

Higher conversion rate

Removing friction in the online sales process is the most critical factor if you want to increase conversions. There are shoppers landing your retail registry right now who would like to split the cost of a gift -- but can’t. They will bounce from your site and try to manage the group payment process offline, or they will buy a low-priced item. Pay By Group pulls these shoppers into your funnel before they bounce and converts them into revenue.

Increase Average Order Value

There are registrants right now on your online store who are curating their perfect registry and would like to add pricey items they need -- but feel uncomfortable due to high price points and the message it sends to their invited guests. With Pay By Group, registrants can add high-dollar items to their registry because they are group-giftable -- removing the social discomfort and resulting in a 16% increase in AOV.

Grow your loyal customer base

Registry is a critical channel for building a lifelong relationship with shoppers. A good shopping and registrant experience can create long-term shopping loyalty. Pay By Group not only creates a better shopping and registrant experience, but each Pay By Group delivers an average of 2.98 new customers (and their emails) to your CRM.

Conforms to your business rules

Whether your e-commerce platform is built in-house or is an off-the-shelf product, Pay By Group is built to match your business rules. Pay By Group automatically handles any scenario including: price changes, inventory changes, hold periods, card failures, group size limits, refunds, order cancellations, and many more.

Registry shoppers love using Pay By Group

It was perfect for what we needed! A group of people that couldn't attend a baby shower in person wanted to contribute financially to the gifts. It was easy and safe to use, gave us a visible financial target, and an opportunity to communicate with other friends. I'll definitely use it again!

Marybeth Knight

It was great and easy to use. Works well when a group of people are pitching in for a gift, thanks!

Amanda Nunes

This service is GREAT. It’s such a wonderful and easy way to collect money for gifts.

Tamara Notcutt