Installment Payments

Allow your customers to pay over time -- with or without fees and interest, depending on your business needs.

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Great for your customers, great for your business

Don't let high-cost perception block revenue growth


lift in Average Order Value


increase in revenue per visitor


conversion lift

Increase conversions

Installment Payments reduces sticker shock by presenting potential customers a lower, more manageable monthly price. This pulls online shoppers into your funnel before they bounce and converts them into revenue. Imagine having to buy a house with cash only and no mortgage — you’d either never buy or buy something cheaper.

Increase Average Order Value

Installment Payments give your customers more spending power by enabling them to pay over time. As a result, Installment Payments drive AOV up an average of 75%. Enable your customers to spend to spend more on your site without breaking the bank.

Grow your loyal customer base

Building long-term brand loyalty requires a good online shopping experience. Installment Payments can be paired with our Group Payments solution, not only creating a better shopping experience, but also delivering an average of 2.98 new customers (and their emails) to your CRM. Do you want to 3x your customer acquisition per order?

Conforms to your business rules

Our Installment Payments solution is built to match your business rules whether your e-commerce platform is built in-house or is an off-the-shelf product. It automatically handles any scenario including: price changes, inventory changes, hold periods, card failures, refunds, order cancellations, and many more.

Customers love Pay By Group

"It was perfect for what I needed! Paying all at once would have been hard on my wallet."

Marybeth Knight

"It was great and easy to use. Thanks!"

Amanda Nunes

"This service is GREAT. It’s such a wonderful and easy way to pay."

Tamara Notcutt