Hotels are the #1 travel expense travelers want to split. Capture more direct bookings and foster loyalty by catering to them.

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Capture the large, poorly tapped market of guests traveling together

Compete in a landscape of shifting accommodation options


of travelers that book online want to split hotel booking costs


of group participants opt in to your marketing messages


of travelers book a more expensive room when they can split the cost

Data => loyalty

Capture 2.98 new users per booking into your CRM. Today those guests are booking on your site or staying in your property, and you have no idea who they are. Now you build a direct relationship with each and every one of them to grow your loyalty program and drive repeat business.

Reputation strength

Whether you are a booking site, major hotel brand, or independent hotelier, more reviews make your online presence stronger and increase conversions. With Pay By Group you can now capture verified reviews from 4 times as many guests for each booking.

Enhance the in-trip experience

Do you have an app? Do you offer digital concierge or local services and activities? Pay By Group ensures those tools are in the hands of everyone that books to increase their satisfaction and drive additional revenue streams for you.

Predictable revenue

Advance-pay bookings are nice for cash flow, but advance-pay bookings that don’t cancel are even better. When multiple guests commit to a booking, the interdependency means they are more firmly committed. Fewer bookings get canceled leaving you with more empty rooms than you want at the last minute.

Direct channel differentiation

Give guests another reason to book direct. When you make the booking experience for guests traveling together or booking multiple rooms dramatically easier through your direct channel, you can deliver a better, more personalized on-site experience for their party.

Full automation

Whether guests are booking 1, 2, or 10 rooms, Pay By Group automatically follows up with all group members via email and text messaging to get them to join quickly. Our algorithms send the right message at the right time using factors such as social pressure, deadlines, and scarcity to drive the desired action. We increase conversions and reduce call center costs by doing a better job than trip organizers at making these bookings happen for you.

What merchant clients say about Pay By Group

This is a no-brainer for us, adding something our users love that is accretive to revenue without any major investment.

Jon Gray
CRO - HomeAway (Expedia brand)

PayByGroup has converted almost every group that's started into a booking for us. Their service does an excellent job of getting groups to come together and complete bookings that we would have otherwise lost.

Brandon Ezra
CEO - Grand Mammoth Resorts