Equip passengers with the tools they need to take the fear out of booking flights with friends and family

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Booking flights - the most important trip decision - is rarely made alone

Meet travelers where they are to convert more reservations


of travelers want to split the cost of their flight reservations


of travelers would choose to book on a website that allows them to split the cost over one that does not, all other factors being equal


of total reservations will likely use Pay By Group

Conversion, conversion, conversion

Sitting atop the travel-booking funnel, flight reservations are especially sensitive to passenger concerns that fellow travelers will or will not book. When the user hesitates, they will bounce every time. You have to pay 2, 5, even 10 times as much to reacquire them. Pay By Group pulls these users into your funnel before they bounce and converts 83% to ticketed reservations.

Data => loyalty

Capture 2.98 new users per booking into your CRM. Today those guests are flying on your planes, and you have no means to communicate with them. Now you build a direct relationship with each and every one of them to grow your loyalty program and drive repeat business.

Follows your business rules

Pay By Group adjusts how the reservation gets created so that it is created and ticketed to best match your business rules. We create the reservation as a single or multiple PNR’s and ticket it at the point that makes the most sense within your system’s constraints.

Simple, personalized checkout

When each passenger involved in a booking can complete their portion of the booking on their own, the initial customer no longer faces the burden of tracking personal information like legal name, date of birth, and loyalty numbers from every person - a major barrier to booking. Each passenger enters their own information, streamlining checkout and providing an opportunity to sell more extras and upgrades.

Regulatory compliance

Pay By Group understands the unique needs of the airline industry and has features to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, such as long-term refund capabilities. Pay By Group also meets strict security standards for personal information handling on a region-by-region basis and is PCI Compliant.

Retail and group bookings

Pay By Group delivers value through your direct, online retail channel and is a great tool for your Group Sales Department. That department can now offer a dramatically easier booking experience for the group organizer, which engenders loyalty and a higher rate of repeat business. You can even offer a self-serve group-booking tool using the Pay By Group service that decreases your call center costs and accelerates new customer growth.

What Pay By Group’s clients say

This is a no-brainer for us, adding something our users love that is accretive to revenue without any major investment.

Jon Gray
CRO - HomeAway (Expedia brand)

An excellent technical team and a game-changing product.

Jordan Curnes
CEO - Rent Like a Champion

I couldn’t have been more impressed at how quickly Pay By Group created a robust, seamless experience for our customers.

Forrest Berkey
Sr. Product Manager - VRBO