Deposit Payments

Allow your customers to pay a deposit now and pay the balance later. Inventory is held at your discretion and per your business rules.

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Great for your customers, great for your business

The proof is in the pudding


Average conversion lift


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Conversions, conversions, conversions

Deposits increase conversions by giving customers more time to pay. This pulls online shoppers into your funnel before they bounce and converts them into revenue.

Increase Average Order Value

Deposits give your customers more spending power by enabling them to pay in two installments. As a result, Deposits drive AOV up an average of 27%.

Follows your business rules

Our Deposits solution is built to match your business rules whether your e-commerce platform is built in-house or is an off-the-shelf product. It automatically handles any scenario including: price changes, inventory changes, hold periods, card failures, refunds, order cancellations, and many more.

Create loyalty

Providing flexible payment options is critical to creating a good online shopping experience that leads to loyalty. Deposits can be paired with our Group Payments solution, or used as a stand-alone solution that provides flexibility for your customers.

Businesses love Pay By Group

"This is a no-brainer for us, adding something our users love that is accretive to revenue without any major investment."

Jon Gray
CRO - HomeAway (Expedia brand)

"An excellent technical team and a game-changing product."

Jordan Curnes
CEO - Rent Like a Champion

"I couldn’t have been more impressed at how quickly Pay By Group created a robust, seamless experience for our customers."

Forrest Berkey
Sr. Product Manager - VRBO