Mastercard partners with Pay By Group

Mastercard partners with Pay By Group

San Francisco, California – Pay By Group today announced it partnered with Mastercard, the iconic global payments company. The company joined MasterCard’s global Start Path program, which supports the growth of later-stage startups that are reshaping the future of commerce. It annually selects less than 1% of companies that apply to participate in the partnership program.

“Mastercard has already shown its incredible global reach as we bring Pay By Group to merchants worldwide. They’ve put us in front of clients from Barcelona to Miami to Las Vegas to Beirut,” said Pay By Group CEO and co-founder Camilo Acosta. “They don’t just open doors, they actively work with us to get us across the finish line with clients. Mastercard is a perfect fit for a global company like ours due to their worldwide footprint.”

Pay By Group has been on a growth trajectory, which is why the global payments behemoth chose to work with the startup. Recently added clients include an international hotel chain and a European airline. “We got our start working with small property managers in the vacation rental space, but demand led us to expand to all of travel and then beyond, into categories like healthcare,” explained co-founder Frank Langston. The company is currently rolling out an integration with the largest healthcare provider in the United States.

Merchants around the world choose Pay By Group to let their online customers pay together for shared expenses, purchases, or costs. The alternative checkout option boosts conversions for merchants while also increasing loyalty from customers, who no longer have to front money for friends and family.

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